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Little Rock Wedding DJ

Little Rock Wedding DJ

It's time to find the perfect DJ for your wedding day in Arkansas, Little Rock Wedding DJ is a great choice!

Our DJs are experienced entertainers with the skills to make your event fun and entertaining. But, we can also keep it low-key if that is what you wish or both. Meaning, our DJs can start the evening off spinning cocktail and dinner music, while making suddle announcements to your guests and friends.

Then, when the time has come for your grand entrance in to your beautifully decorated reception. Our DJ will announce "Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me welcome Mister and Miss's". Oops! well, we better stop there until after you receive an "Instant Free Quote" for your event.

Great Sound & Lighting

Not only are our Little Rock Wedding DJ's fun and entertaining. Our DJs show up with a real nice state of the art sound system and great dance lighting too! Our sound systems are reliable so the music never stops at your event. This is because our DJs use powered speakers instead of heavy bulky power amps to power old conventional speakers. This also makes for a smaller foot print when setting up our equipment. Meaning, we can set up in an 8x8 foot area if need be. Our DJs dance lighting is multi-colored RGB technology LED lighting, which is very compact and produces a really nice looking dance floor and doesn't get the room hot. Like the old par can lighting use too.

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What brides say about us

We offer a variety of DJ packages for wedding receptions

It is our pleasure to make brides happy on their wedding day, that is why we have created three DJ packages to suit the needs of our brides. Below we offer a Basic DJ Package, Standard DJ Package and the Ultimate DJ Package.

Each one of our DJ packages can be customized any way you like, this is just the starting point or you are welcome to purchase the package as is. Either package is just great for any event, especially weddings.

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Basic DJ Package

This package is perfect for low-key weddings with some light dancing. The DJ will play cocktail and dinner music while your guest mingle, he will introduce the bridal party and bride & groom, cake cutting, first dance, father daughter dance and make annoucements per your request.

The DJ provides a medium size sound system to accommodate up to 100 people, minimal lights are provided for the dance upon request. DJ also provides a wired microphone for you and your guests to make toasts.

Standard DJ Package

With our standard package it comes with a standard sound system, nice lighting for the dance floor. The DJ can play dinner music at the beginning of your event and then turn up the heat by switching the mood and music over to dancing. DJ will also make announcements and introductions as need throught the event. This is a great pacakge for wedding receptions.

The sound and lighting are great for crowds of 100-400 people. Plenty of sound and lighting to make the party come alive.

Ultimate DJ Package

The Ultimate DJ package is when you are wanting a blow out kind of party. Comes with a large sound system and a bunch of lighting fixtures to flood the dance floor and a DJ facade (DJ booth). Looks really fun for your guests and sets the mood for a party!

This package takes a few hours to setup, but it is absolutely worth the time. Comes with 18" subs(2) - 15" tops(2) 4000 watts of power. Also a nice display of lighting to completely flood the dance floor.

All of the DJ packages mentioned above are great with just about any type of event. The Basic and Standard packages are what most clients purchase from us regularly. They are usually plenty for just about any occasion, but if you want to go over the top. The Ultimate DJ package is a really great choice, costs a bit more than the other two packages. But, it is worth it if you are planning a big celebration!

Our DJs also provide beautiful wedding ceremony music for your special day.

We hope this information was helpful to you and we do hope to work with you in the future. Please get an Instant Quote from us.. Thank you!

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